07/FEB/2024: Contact support will be offline and unavailable as we perform maintenance on our server from 08/FEBRUARY/2024 to 12/FEBRUARY/2024 in preparation for the public release of the new PSIO firmware.

23/DEC/2023: All Jira systems have been restored as well as updated to their latest versions.

We are currently having issues with our Atlassian Jira instance. The Service Desk as well as Jira bug reporting will be offline until the issue has been resolved.

25/MAY/2023: We have taken the PS-IO.COM site offline as we are updating it to a brand new site. We expect the upgrade to take less than 24 hours. We apologise for any inconvenience. Firmware downloads will not be available while the old site is offline.

05/NOV/2022: Mail server issues resolved.

01/NOV/2022: We are having a problem again with our mail server. We are looking into the issue.


  • Fixed a problem where the pages on this site were giving a Microsoft IIS error.
  • Fixed a problem where the domain for our SMTP server became invalid.

15/MAY/2022: Still resolving an issue with the Service Desk. Sorry for any inconvenience. We hope to have it running by today.

Update: Jira Service Management was successfully updated and all systems are fully operational.

13/MAY/2022: Contacting us is not possible at the moment as the Service Management will be offline for several hours (it is being upgraded). Sorry for any inconvenience. We will have it back up and running soon.

7/JUNE/2021: A security issue on our forums regarding CloudFlare IP addresses being used as your external IP has been fixed. The result is that spambots should no longer be able to register pass the CAPTCHA and your “Remember Me” login state should function correctly now.

11/MARCH/2021: We have improved the flow of the JIRA Service Desk (now known as Service Management) to avoid tickets from going unsolved or from slipping ‘through the cracks’ in the ticketing system and going unnoticed.

10/MARCH/2021: Signing up on JIRA is now working and operational again.

8/MARCH/2021: Signing up on JIRA is currently broken. We are working on finding the problem and fixing it as needed. Sorry for any inconvenience.

5/MARCH/2021: JIRA (IE: Service Desk) now uses Microsoft SQL Server instead of the H2 database. This should result in a speed increase but most importantly it prevents data corruption due to better integrity. We have also updated to the latest version. The database has also been migrated and updated to Microsoft SQL Server 2019.

25/FEBRUARY/2021: The PSIO website is currently down due to a server upgrade with our dedicated host provider in Melbourne, Australia. We expect it to be back online in a few hours.

10/FEBRUARY/2021: Thought we’d share the networking speeds of our current connection to the NBN in Australia. This is the fastest residential plan available in Australia (that offers maximum upload speeds) and we are connected via FTTP. All switches on our equipment are gigabit rated and we only use CAT5E cabling. From the facts below, the upload speeds that are available in Australia are absolutely horrible. The NBN has capped the upload speeds for residential plans on purpose to boost sales for business ISP plans (which are upwards of $430 per month) in order to create more profit and pay off the network infrastructure quicker.

• Server/ISP: Exetel
• Plan: 100/40 (500 GB)
• Ping: 5ms
• Time: 5:50 PM (semi-peak hour traffic)
• Download: 90.53 mbps (11.31 MB/s)
• Upload: 37.70 mbps (4.71 MB/s)

04/FEBRUARY/2021: Server update completed successfully. Time to complete the update took us around 14 hours. Enjoy the new speeds 🙂

30/JANUARY/2021: We have started building a new server to migrate from our current server we have (which is an IBM X3200 M2). This new server will be exponentially faster, as it features more CPU cores (12 cores versus 4) at a higher clock speed (3.06 GHz versus 2.67 GHz), eight-times the RAM (64 GB DDR3 at 1333 MHz versus 8 GB DDR2 at 800 MHz) and Solid State Hard Disk Drives in a RAID-1 configuration resulting in 500 GB of usable storage. All of this power will be achieved via an IBM System X3400 M3. This server can be upgraded later to support dual-CPU’s and 128 GB of RAM (which is obviously overkill for us at the moment, but it’s nice to know we have that expandability with the new server). The old X3200 server will be shutdown and packed in storage once the migration has been completed 🙂

We have also started to update the security and how registration is done on all PSIO Cartridges since we have had many complaints from users stating that the downloading of the firmware on cartridges is quite a tedious and frustrating experience. So do not worry – we have heard you and we are working hard on it! We expect the new registration system to be functional by this year.

13/DECEMBER/2020: The forums now have a ‘thanks’ option on each post to assist with showing useful posts from users.

10/DECEMBER/2020: The forums have been updated to phpBB 3.3.2 and PHP 7.4.7 which results in faster page loading and increased security.

14/SEPTEMBER/2020: The server is currently at 85% RAM capacity of it’s 8 GB (which is the maximum that the ‘IBM System X3200 M2’ can support). Sometimes it peaks at 90% which may explain why Cloudflare triggers the Load Balancer. There may not be enough resources to handle the peak traffic so the server stops accepting new incoming connections. To solve this, we will be upgrading to an ‘IBM System X3400 M3’ server in the coming weeks with a much larger RAM capacity which should hopefully solve this.

30/JUNE/2020: Working on updating our website to something a little less… boring.

24/MARCH/2020: For added security and protection to our forums, attachments in private messages have been disabled (please use external hosting services instead to attach files if needed).

30/SEPTEMBER/2019: After a few days of letting the forums cool down, they are now back online.
22/AUGUST/2019: Cloudflare ‘Proxy’ and ‘I’m Under Attack Mode’ enabled.
08/APRIL/2019: Fixed a problem with client side SSL certificate requesting. This was mostly prone when using Safari on Mac devices.
01/APRIL/2019: The Cybdyn Systems website now uses HTTPS.

We’re setting up a proxy for JIRA. Some of our websites will be offline for a bit whilst we are performing work on the server.

UPDATE 1: The Cybdyn Systems website and forums now use HTTPS. we’re still working on setting up JIRA’s proxy however.

UPDATE 2: We need to finish setting up the Cybdyn Systems website for HTTPS (there’s a WordPress issue somewhere), but everything else is working again. One problem is that JIRA isn’t using a reverse proxy yet so you’ll notice the port number in the URL (which can be seen as ‘444’) but we’ll get around to sorting that out another day. There might be problem or two with the forums but we’ll fix them up as we notice them during use :roll:

UPDATE 3: The Cybdyn Systems WordPress issue has been fixed. We still need to setup JIRA’s proxy however.

Server RAM upgraded from 4 GB to 8 GB. All services should be running smoother and faster now. We’ll get the SSD installed later on at some point.

We’re adding HTTPS (SSL) to JIRA and the Service Desk. The service will go down for a bit whilst we finish setting it up. Later on we will be adding SSL to the Cybdyn Systems website which will include the forums too. JIRA and the JIRA Service Desk now use HTTPS :mrgreen:


  • Still waiting on the server RAM to arrive so the forums are still going to perform a bit slow from time-to-time when they are busy.
  • JIRA updated from V7.3.6 to V8.0.2.

10/MARCH/2019: Why are the forums so slow all of a sudden? Well we’ve moved hosts and are merging from a HDD to an SSD to assist with latency, so please bear with us whilst we undergo this task :)

EDIT: The server seems to also be out of RAM so we’ll be also upgrading that too. I’ll be sure to add a new post to this topic when it’s been installed.

20/FEBRUARY/2019: JIRA is offline due to it consuming too much memory on our server. The server could technically handle it, but if the server had too much traffic, it would start to shutdown important services such as POP, SMTP and eventually killing websites (including the PSIO website and Cybdyn Systems forums). Don’t worry though, we’re in the process of upgrading servers and we’ll let you know here when it’s back online :)

08/JULY/2017: New ‘Anti-Spam’ measures introduced.


  • JIRA Core Updated.
  • JIRA now has public access so users can vote on issues or watch them to be notified if/when their issue is updated.

20/APRIL/2017: ReIMG added. This resizes user posted images that are too large and makes them clickable to be opened in a new window at their full resolution.